October 27, 2008

Holy Crap

I know it's been a while since I decided to make myself type something, but the hell with it. Might as well do something useful until I have to leave for some meetings and shit. To put it the easy way: I don't remember what has happened in the past few days because I've been partying way too much. Friday and Saturday are just giant blurs to me right now, which is kinda ok in my mind... but I do want to remember some shit. Like how I got a hole in my shoe, and why there's a cut on my fucking toe almost exactly where the hole is.

I do have very good news though... I got Far Cry 2. And it's almost as much fun as GTA 4. I haven't told many people the story of GTA 4 in my 360, but it's almost the only game that I can play at home. Why? Because I love killing people with a car and then going on a cop rampage just to suicide bomb myself into a road block at the last second. Far Cry 2 is almost along the same lines, but it does it in a different way: the FPS HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT LETS KILL SOME PEOPLE way. And I have to say that I quite like it, even though I can't make any time to actually play it for more than 30 minutes right now. I might write something interesting about it later, or I might forget that I bought it and move onto other things.

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