October 28, 2008

Holy Flying Fuck!

Far Cry 2 is good, but Fallout 3 is so much better! The best way to describe it is that it's Oblivion with guns, more realistic stuff that you can do and better humor. The in-game dialogue that you can choose your responses with have swear words and such that you might think you would hear from a wanderer, or a bum, or an idiot. I already fucked myself for some of the game, as I have someone that hates me because I didn't blow up a bomb. But I'd rather keep all of the side quests and the fact that I don't have to worry about someone fucking something up before I even set anything up.

But now that I have those 2 games... oh wait! Left 4 Dead comes out pretty soon if I'm right, and I definitely will be buying that for the zombie online fun. And if StarCraft 2 comes out in December I won't be going anywhere on my Christmas holiday... because I'll be sitting in front of my PC for 17 hours a day playing video games until they're all beaten or until I get annoyed with them. So remember, if you want to get me a good present for Christmas make sure it's adult diapers, empty bottles, energy drinks and junk food. Maybe some other stuff too.

October 27, 2008

Holy Crap

I know it's been a while since I decided to make myself type something, but the hell with it. Might as well do something useful until I have to leave for some meetings and shit. To put it the easy way: I don't remember what has happened in the past few days because I've been partying way too much. Friday and Saturday are just giant blurs to me right now, which is kinda ok in my mind... but I do want to remember some shit. Like how I got a hole in my shoe, and why there's a cut on my fucking toe almost exactly where the hole is.

I do have very good news though... I got Far Cry 2. And it's almost as much fun as GTA 4. I haven't told many people the story of GTA 4 in my 360, but it's almost the only game that I can play at home. Why? Because I love killing people with a car and then going on a cop rampage just to suicide bomb myself into a road block at the last second. Far Cry 2 is almost along the same lines, but it does it in a different way: the FPS HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT LETS KILL SOME PEOPLE way. And I have to say that I quite like it, even though I can't make any time to actually play it for more than 30 minutes right now. I might write something interesting about it later, or I might forget that I bought it and move onto other things.

October 16, 2008

I hate being sick

Yes, I am sick. I've been sick for a while... which is ass. It's so bad today that if I breath deep I'll puke or pass out. Can't cough, can barely walk. I do get the time off to watch multiple movies and shows that I don't like or I haven't heard of. All I can hope is that it doesn't become a sinus infection... as if it does I'll need surgery to fix it. I kinda forgot to put this in, but one of my nostrels is blocked from when I broke my nose.

Here's to hoping that it isn't to bad.

October 11, 2008


I went to the Toronto Zoo a few days ago, and noticed that they had a shitload of monkeys. They also had a moose that followed you and a cougar eating grass to kill itself. I don't mind going to the zoo to see the animals, but holy shit some of them have that look in their eyes that they are helpless and need us to help them survive.

Seriously, the lions didn't look too scary. They just looked like big cats. Hell, if I did some of my dog training tricks I could've petted them. I did get a nice crack dealer tin from the gift shop, and it had mints in it. The tin is called the "Jungle Mints tin", and it's lime green. Still smells like the damn mints too.

Then there's always the bullshit that I'll ramble on about... like how my friends bike got stolen. But the worst is that this was my friend who got hit by a car, and the insurance company wants the broken bike to make sure he doesn't fix it and have 2 bikes. So he just got screwed out of $850 cash and now the main way that we get around is walking. I didn't realize that some of these places that you can get to by bike in 5 minutes are a 20 minute walk, so I've been getting used to the fact that walking is way more unpredictable than biking.

Right now, I'm trying to figure what to do with my day.... I might be back later if I remember.

October 1, 2008


Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead and the unknown date of when Starcraft 2 will hit. All in the next 3 to 5 months. I don't think I'll have any money left after buying all these games, and no real time left to do anything but game. Plus I have a nice cough going on right now, and it doesn't sound all that healthy. But I can't do anything about that, because I just don't care to fix it right now. I want my wrist to be fixed, and it bruised over last night again, so that I don't have to be in pain when I go to a new website.

September 28, 2008

Sorry for the absence

I've had a lot of crap happen to me in the last few days. My mum, who I dearly love, is having more complications of whatever she has right now. Doctors can't tell her what is causing all of her symptoms. Then I had a CO2 leak at work yesterday from the pop machine, so I had a fun day at the hospital getting poked with needles. As a result of the needles, my right wrist hurts like a motherfucker because of the blood tests needed to prove that I didn't have any bubbles in my blood. Which is a bad thing.

But at least I got Kirby Super Star Ultra!!! I used to play the original for the SNES all the time when I was younger, and I know that a friend also likes this game a lot. I can't make any judgement yet because I just started the game, but I know it'll be awesome. Why will it be awesome? IT'S KIRBY THE FUCKING GUMBALL! THATS WHY! So now I shall proceed to chill with Kirby, some green tea, pepsi and coke. Maybe later I'll burn a bit and continue to play Kirby, and also use that to kill some of the incoming pain from typing all of this.

September 14, 2008

My Posts are deeper than usual

So I have thought of a way to bring the normal post ratio from once in a while to OMG RANDOMNESS!!!1 It might be a little while before I can get it back up to the normal posting range of every few minutes that I can think of something to complain about and I'm near enough to a PC that I can make a little rant, but I can make some headway with some retarded crap.

Like people that judge books by their covers, this is how they spend their lives. They judge everything from the outside and nothing from the inside.

Ooo, today I walked out of an electronics store without buying anything. This is a huge step for me because I have money, and I'm generally very impulsive to buy the first thing that comes to mind. Then I regret buying it for a few minutes, and then I forget about it and move onto bigger things. I'll give you an example: I need a new cell phone. Mine is a piece of shit. The vibrator works sometimes, it turns itself off if there isn't a piece of paper in the battery case, the keypad is screwy at the best of times and the fact that when I close the screen after sending a text message the screen stays lit. And I wonder why I get bad battery life when I actually use my phone for *gasp* calling people? The damn reception on it sucks so bad that if I walk under an overhang it will start going nuts on me sometimes.

So I looked at phones. But there are no phones that fit what I want and need. Sure there are phones that can be my MP3 player, or take pictures and videos. But I just need a phone that can send text messages and call people without fucking it all up in the process. I need the tank phone, like an older Nokia. Now those things are tanks, and I wish I had one. But no, I'm stuck with this piece of shit Samsung until it decides to die on me or until I accidentally loose it somewheres and have it get hit by a car or get stolen.

September 10, 2008

I have a good point to make

The world of today is great with all of the high gas prices, crazy Middle Eastern people with AK's, and the fact that no one has common courtesy. But the one thing that really pisses me off is the fact that we are loosing the good people that make our world today. How? The Pussifacation of today's society. This is where my CNN bias will really kick in too, because it is part of the problem along with the rest of the American media machine.

When I was growing up, I used to eat dirt, ply outside and get cuts, scrapes, bruies and the like. Now, pfft. People don't let their kids outside most of the time because of some terror threat, or there was a kid on the street that looked a little scary. I eat healthy, my parents never took me out for food and now that I work in the fat food industry it makes me happy that I can watch the fat people walk into my place of work and start ordering a 20 piece chicken meal with 2 large gravies just to watch them sit down and eat it all in the span of 10 minutes.

A great example of this phenomenon is this: http://cbs2chicago.com/northwestindianabureau/bag.ban.school.2.813711.html. They have banned all purses and bags from being taken to class in a High School. No wonder why we have so many people decapitating other people on busses and beating the shit out of people for no reason. They get the freedom into their heads and take a run for a jail sentence.

But I have come to the conslusion that if we allowed people to do what they wanted to do, that isn't illegal, we would have a better society. If the kids of now actually got outside to play in the lead infeasted dirt, and to breath in the shitty excuse for fresh air this might not happen. Thing is, most of what I predict comes true. So I could be a good physic, or I could be a nut job that has nothing better to do with his day dreaming time.

September 7, 2008

I just relized something

There are too many damn movies out on the market that copy each other! Do the movie writers have a basic "general action movie with lame story and a small romantic theme" guide for all movies done now? Two movies like this are You Don't Mess With The Zohan and 21 are great examples. General action for both, in different ways but they are similar, with a lame story and a small romantic theme. BAM! They both pulled a large amount of money. Why? Because people nowadays are sheeple that will go see anything that comes onto the TV screen.

This is where we loose good movies, like The Dark Knight, to loads of crappy movies, such as Tropic Thunder, because all the sheeple want is a basic "LMFAO" movie that requires no effort of thinking about the plot or storyline. Thats why The Dark Knight is different. It has a story, and a pretty damn good one at that. It's not The Godfather like, but it still is much better than most movies made now.

Then there's the basic stoner comedy, which I won't even get into because some of those are really good and will actually pull more money than the general action movie because... IT HAS A STORY! Drama's... I can't stand them.

September 4, 2008

I'm either really lazy, stupid or baked

I think its a combo of the first 2 right now, as I forgot to call the DHL number to question about this damn billing business. I have to save 3 weeks of Toronto Star business sections for a scrapbook assignment, which is gay, and I still haven't got info on that damn headphone part. Plus right now I hate my work schedule, as I have to party on Saturday night instead of Friday night. Don't get me wrong, it's ok. But it's just going to be a pain in the ass to plan and meet somewhere. Plus I'm the only one that can supply for the party, so the party revolves around me.

There's also the typical BS of idiots, geeks, twerps, and fags that you have to deal with... but it all isn't too bad. My life isn't in the shitter (yet), so I shall ride this wave until someone decides to destroy my nice chill mood and they shall unleash all of the pent up anger that will happen within the few days after my chill mood just kills itself. Sounds like great fun!

September 3, 2008

Yes I have OCD

As it's part of my compulsion to come here and post most of the time. I don't post all that happens because of the fact that I just don't plain remember full stories of things that I'll do. It will start out fine, then turn scabby until I just get bored and start thinking about other things... like pie! My headphone driver (sigh) still hasn't come in, and this business is really starting to piss me off. No messages or anything from the ordering place. Then I have this bill from DHL about customs fee's or something wanting me to pay cash to them. I read this and went WTF?. Then I decided to ignore it until I had the mental capacity of a 10 year old to re-read it. I guess I'll have to call them and bitch, if I bitch hard enough I might be able to get the fee waived or something.

But now I sit in my room, buzzing, hot and sweaty thinking of things to do because I posted here and now have nothing to do. I might have to go to the asshole of the Internet... which I'm fine with for the most part. Except the CP. And the illegal shit. And DDOS's (karma is a bitch, don't fuck with it).

September 1, 2008

Oh Wow!

I have such a nice buzz from working all this long weekend. Not enough sleep and too much crappy food, like the popcorn from AMC. That shit is nasty, and it's the worst coming out the other end. So now I sit here waiting for someone to call me back or for someone else so that I can chill with some people before tomorrow... at least I have some good music.

August 30, 2008

Tropic Thunder

It really sucks ass. Don't bother seeing it, high, drunk or just sober. My god it was a horrible excuse for someone to make a lot of money by throwing a few drunk Americans into a rainforest and filming it. Thats hte only way I can describe it, and because it has Ben Stiller in it the story makes no sense. Too much crazy talk bullshit and not enough of a real story. I wanted to see Death Race, but apparently I couldn't because I was fucking distracted and forgot the ID story of the new Ontario Driver's Liscences, which most people still don't know where the birthdate is. So fuck.

Max Payne Trailer

I thought this was another movie based on a game that would be shit, but I'm so wrong. I wanna see this movie badly.

August 29, 2008


I now have a piece of a gum box stuck to my thumb with superglue. It sucks, but it also opens up opportunities to have some guessing games of what's stuck to my thumb. That forest was quite nice, kinda buggy and lots of trees. Shady, and then I went fishing. Got a nice sunburn and 3 smallish basses. I also made a few nice fires that were hot enough to scare even the bravest raccoons from coming into the campsite.

One thing I noticed is the amount of out of province cars there were on the 401 while we were traveling back. Lots of Americans, and Easterners. Even a few Westerners, but they were fewer than people from New Brunswick. But I'm back here, post and hoping that Saturday's shift isn't too bad or else I'm screwed. Again. Lulz...

August 24, 2008

So I'm leaving for a forest

And I won't be back for a few days. But this fucks up my plans. You know why? My headphone driver is supposed to come in sometime this week, and I can only get it on the Friday. School starts about 5 or 6 days after that, and I have to work the Saturday again. But right now, I'm feeling fine about all that. I just wanna get out of the city and into the trees, start some biking or canoeing or fishing or something tonight.

This also means the blog will be left unposted for a few days, as when I get back I'll be too lazy or something to post here right away. No pictures, I hate being the retarded kid with a stupid hat and the camera saying "Smile!".

August 22, 2008


I've been picking these little flecks of stuff off the bottom of my mouse for about a month, and during that time my mouse pad has started to become stickier and stickier to the point where the mouse will stick to the pad overnight. The little flecks are pieces of the mouse pad surface, and the mouse is sticking to the rubber under the top surface. This angers me, almost as much as my 360. My 360 is sick, as it doesn't like playing games. GTA 4 locks up all the time, Forza 2 is a crazy FPS drop feast and Rez has some sound issues. I'm just waiting for it to drop like a fly so I can try to get a new one from Microsoft... but hell that won't happen for a while. I got about a week and a bit of freedom left and then I'm back into full time school, part time work, which is ass. But the money is good from work, and I'll have money in my bank account if I want to go out for lunch or some shit like that. But for now, I wait and act like I'm not too bored.

August 21, 2008


I got my Thinkgeek package yesterday, with my Annoyatron which is awesome and the electronic bubble wrap. The problem with the bubble wrap is that it's instructions are in Japanese... and I can barely read English on the best of days. So if anything goes for a shit on it, I do dare say it but I think I may be fucked.

I bought some of the new Bawls flavour last night, it's called g33k b33r. It's just high caffeine root beer, but it does taste really good. I want to find a place that will sell me a 12 pack or 24 pack, but that won't happen because I live in Canada. And if I do find a place that is that magical, I will get destroyed on how much I'm paying because it's imported. It did taste good, and it kept me going for most of the night. Too bad I opened it early and drank most of it before midnight or I might have had my medic achievements. I still have the cherry stuff in a can for later to try, but I don't think I'll try that tonight... I'm not sure yet. Might use it to wake up for work on Saturday.

August 20, 2008

Yay TF2 Updated

And guess what? I'm not even going to try for the rest of the Heavy achievements right now because there's a huge need for medics and I still don't have all of those achievements. I got a hold of RVA, but I still have no confirmation that anything has happened. But I am getting my thinkgeek package sometime today, as it was released from Customs at 5 yesterday. Plus I now have Moe. Moe will guide me through a few things, and Moe is a very nice friend. He's a little small for my liking, but I can't afford anything bigger right now. Plus he is still pocket sized, and he shall have a few friends sometime in the near future hopefully. Well I'm off to the bed, as I need sleep.

August 19, 2008

So it's Tuesday

And guess what that means?
NEW UPDATE FOR TF2!! HEAVY UPGRADES!!! Except they haven't updated the game yet...? NOOOOOO!!!!!

So now I am off to bed to nurse the oil burns from the cookers and to get off my feet. I could be making a random useless post tomorrow if I do feel like it, and especially if I can talk with the RVA representative to just say "ORDER MY DAMN PART ALREADY". Or if my electronic bubble wrap and Annoyotron come in. Now that would be awesome, and I would spend tons of time thinking of very very clever hiding spots that I could have with me, and to have hidden. I have already thought of taking the battery out of my cell phone and using some blu tak to keep it from rattling around, but that's way too obvious. This needs to be much more clever, much stealthier. So that I may not only annoy my target, but also anyone else that is willing to be sucked into the annoyance stream of this little device. Now only if DHL would get their shit together and stop giving my package a round trip of the east coast.

August 16, 2008


I just finished watching The Wire. It has to be the best TV show I've ever seen. There aren't any words that I can use to really fully describe it because it's just such a story driven plot. And really, in order to get that feeling of the show taking off you need to be able to watch each episode back to back, or at least a season back to back. I thought the ending s for all of the seasons but season 5 were sort of a loop hole, and I was right due to the fact that they came back into a knot in the 5th season and the 5th season ending.

I really wish that there were more shows that could give you that feeling at first that they wouldn't become an epic, but holy crap this show turned inside out on itself and really gave a feeling. Something that you would expect from a series of movies, or a series of books. But from a TV show?! I have to say that is quite an amazing feat.

August 15, 2008

Interesting Phone Conversation

I had some person call me. I had no fucking clue what they were talking about, or if they were even speaking English for about 2 minutes. All I was hearing was drunk English rumblings and then it clicked. Me being dumb, thinking about this, kept these damn people on the phone. So I find out they're from Scotland. Calling their family to check up. Well fuck me sideways, they're old people. Stubborn as a fucking 250 year old oak too. I try telling them they have the wrong number, and all I get from them is 14 minutes more of my life wasted, along with a threat from a non-existent person that will hit me over the head with a frying pan. And after all this they thought I was high... well they should've gotten me when I was high. Now that would have been an experience.

I got work tomorrow, so no late night rambling for me. Maybe Monday, if I can decide what I want to bitch about. I hate this new layout for blogger too, kinda threw me off when I signed in.

August 12, 2008

I'm Fucking Awesome

And I feel like being a dick tonight. So time for a dick post.

I hate those new rapper dicks with their crappy stretch TRANSPORT TRUCKS or HUMMERS that think they're CRUNK AND UP IN THAT GRILL by wasting all that time with such a piece of ass car. Holy fuck, like a transport truck is meant to transport like cars and food and babies. Not some rap star and 20 tonnes of his worthless crap from one mansion to another because he felt like it. Why the hell can't they stick with normal cars, sorta like Morgan Freeman... even though it wasn't his fucking car he still has the balls to drive a Nissan Maxima. People were freaking out because he should be driving "something worth more money". One question: WHY!? You do that and you start seeing "rich" people going bankrupt. Like Mike Tyson. Then the rappers have to go and walk around with those damn huge brass plated stainless steel chains that they think are gold and yell YO GET CRUNK GET SOME HERE YO YO YO.

I could go on and on about this, but I think I would start to piss people off. At least with most other music celebreties they don't go on with the shittest, most ghetto ways of showing off they have money. Daft Punk? They drive normal cars, live in normal European houses and go on with normal lives. Jezza? Well... wait Jezza isn't a great example because he likes certain vulgar things like his Ford GT (I think he returned it because it was broken again) and his Gallardo Spyder, which I love. Wait a sec, even Euro rappers don't flaunt their shit too much. Well damn, it's just the American rappers that really show their shit off.

But wait, what about... J-Pop? FUCK THAT! No way in hell that I'm even going there, last time I even heard that from a distance I started flipping out. I can't stand it, but thats because I love my bass from all of my techno and house. As I type I'm listening to some great shit from Udachi, and if Udachi reads this YOU ARE A FUCKING GOD!

That's all I got for now, in my completely sleep depreived mental state. Please, if you seriously read this... HAHAHAHA.

August 10, 2008

So the Olympics are on...

And I can't find a damn channel that has coverage. Nothing in advertisement or anything, and this pisses me off. I've always been a fan of the Olympics, but because it's usually hosted in some fucked up time zone I can't watch it. But it's the summer, and I stay up till the crack of dawn (literally, I saw the crack of dawn a few days ago). So I've been hunting on my TV, and no channels for it. Might also be because at 3 in the morning I have no patience for the damn menu system to refresh...

But anyways, I had a call today and it played out a little something like this:

Marc is just sitting around watching The Wire, contemplating what he is going to do on his day off.
*Ring Ring* goes the phone
Marc: Hello?
Boss: Hi Marc
Marc: Hi *Boss*
Boss: We need you to work tonite.
Marc: Alright, only if I can get Monday's shift off.
Boss: No, we need you then too.
Marc: Fuck, fine but you owe me.
Marc furiously wanders off into the abyss of his house to bitch to his parents.

At least I get paid for this, and I get paid this Friday! XD

August 7, 2008

Oh Wow

I have finally found what I wanted: it was Kingdom Hearts 2 for the PS2. I forgot how involving the storyline is, and because I have my old file it's even more fun. No grinding for the amazing attacks or weapons that I already have, and I can still advance the story because of the journal and I do remember bits of what happened. But my god, I found a keyblade that is just amazing. The Guardian Soul (I had to use a KH wiki to find the name), and I just love it. All of the gameplay just blows my mind, even though the graphics aren't HD or special, it makes the game much easier to play for long periods of time.

The graphics are just perfect IMO, and as you see with newer games on newer systems they run into frame rate problems... often. There's only the slightest amount of a frame rate drop if you go into a giant battle and start with Master form against a huge amount of enemies. The best thing about this game, is the fact that you can customize everything to your liking. I know, people will just tell me it's an RPG and that's the basis of most RPG's, but the fact is the stats are pre-arranged and you can still conform the abilites to your play style. I don't use magic because I honestly love having my thumbs hurt.