July 29, 2008

Oh Wow I want these CS Skins

Fuck that be funny as hell!

Im Tired....

And bored too. But I don't want to do anything because then I have to move towards my bed, which would make me go to sleep. My headphones are... somewhere's in the US. At least I know that tommorow I'll wake up and have Kingdom Hearts 2 waiting for me, which I should mention. The beginning is boring as hell, as I remembered it, but I never noticed so much ailising. Like hot damn there isn't a straight edge in the whole game! But it redeams itself with an amazing soundtrack, which I can't get enough of. Also the whole PS2 thing is really getting to me... but I won't talk about that right now because I can't remember what I was going to rant about.

July 28, 2008

Yay, I've finally made a good decision

I'm going to play through Kingdom Hearts 2 again, hopefully without a problem. I've also got my older games that I can play too, like Kirby Super Stars and Super Mario World. I'll also have to put up some videos now that I've figured out how to actually make a video using the emulator itself and not using a screen cap program or something. So yea... and I work again tonight, but then I'm off until Saturday and that might even change if I get called in on Thursday or Friday. My headphones are somewhere in the mail, and now I sit here in my tight jeans contemplating going to EB or eating first.

July 27, 2008

Holy Crap

I just saw this...


Here's a copypasta of it:

Pictured: The terrifying 4-inch key fob gun used to shoot clubber 'in row over girls'

By Colin Fernandez
Last updated at 12:19 AM on 26th July 2008

At just four inches long, it fits easily in the hand and could be a key fob of the type used to open car doors by remote control.

But this tiny device is in fact a lethal weapon - a gun capable of firing two 0.25-inch bullets.

Yesterday, a thug was jailed for nine years for using one like it to shoot a man for 'disrespecting' him in a nightclub.

Enlarge gun

Marcus Henry's weapon was converted from a pocket gun designed to fire miniature flares, a gadget which is legal in Bulgaria where they cost £15.

Around 100 are believed to have filtered into Britain from Eastern Europe in the latest worrying illustration of how weapons once found in the realm of spy fiction are falling into the hands of criminals.

The double-barrelled gun is fired by pressing buttons on the side.

Marcus Henry

Marcus Henry was jailed today for shooting a man with the key fob gun

Henry, 27, shot Yaw Darko Kwakye from nine feet outside the Departure Lounge club in the City of London on December 16 last year, hitting him in the shoulder.

Mr Darko Kwakye survived because, due to the short barrel of the weapon, the bullet did not fire straight but rotated through the air and hit him side-on. Henry was jailed at the Old Bailey yesterday.

Mark Heywood, prosecuting, told the jury: 'In these days of heightened security, particularly in our capital city, if someone wants to carry a weapon it must be concealed.

'One method of concealment is to disguise what it is - a remote control key fob of the kind you might find is used to open the doors of a car.'

The court heard that Henry, who was in the club with a friend, had been seen chatting to Mr Darko Kwakye's girlfriend shortly before the club closed at 4am.

Mr Heywood told jurors that after a fight between the two men in the club, Henry lay in wait outside when the club shut and confronted members of 24-year-old Mr Darko Kwakye's group.

'Henry was seen to have his hand near his waistband on a number of occasions and was heard to say, "Look how many of you there are, there's only two of us",' Mr Heywood said.

'He then brought his hand out and into a straight-arm firing position and then aimed in the direction of Mr Darko Kwakye and the others.

'There was a lot of movement and between two and four sounds like shots.'

 key fob gun

The 4-inch Bulgarian-made key fob gun is split into two separate pieces to load. The 2 shows the muzzle of the weapon.

The victim's group at first scattered but then returned to smash the windows of Henry's car as he sped away.

'Mr Darko Kwakye had in fact been hit in the right shoulder, but he didn't realise it,' said Mr Heywood.

'He went down the street and got into a car with two others. He realised as he was travelling away there was blood on his shirt and a bullet hole.'

The gun was found hidden in a sock with traces of Henry's blood on it during a police search of a house.

Henry, of Battersea, South-West London, denied he was the gunman, but was convicted of possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life, possession of a prohibited weapon and unlawful wounding. He was acquitted of attempted murder.

Jailing him, Judge Christopher Moss said the offence of bringing a loaded firearm into a public place and using it should meet with a 'severe prison sentence'.

Mr Heywood asked for the gun to be forfeited but not destroyed, so that the 'novel weapon' could be used for training purposes by the police.

Detective Sergeant Dave Carter, of City of London Police, said: 'They are very dangerous weapons, arguably more dangerous than your average handgun because to the casual glance they look like something different.

'It is not particularly accurate but from a short distance it can be fatal.'

Three years ago in Manchester, suspected gang member Fabian Flowers, 19, fatally shot himself in the head while demonstrating a similar gun in a nightclub.



So... Tired....

I need to find a better job, something where I don't get burnt, soaked and scalded all in the same shift... Something like Blockbusters, or Rogers. Those hours on your feet really get to you when you decide that "Is this what I want to do for the rest of life." So, after only a few weeks of working I'm going back out on a job hunt at places that I would enjoy better. They aren't jobs that I want, they're jobs that I would like much better than working as a cook in a hot kitchen for 7 hours, burning myself with oil steam and giving my face a nice chance for a huge fucking breakout. But this is me, being that I hate having to do any real work for money. But that is how most people are... So I had an epiphany on the Internet today. Great.

July 25, 2008

Old.. but woke me up

The one with the black hair looks very very similar to someone I know... /shifty look

July 24, 2008

So I've started watching HBO's The Wire

And I actually like it. It's a lot better than the newer Generation Kill, and is written by the same guy. I'm only on the first season, but I have a feeling that it grows and grows. Sort of like Scrubs, but with Scrubs you can jump on in almost any season and still get the show because the writers make it easy for viewers to take breaks and come back with a backstory. But then again, The Wire isn't any Band of Brothers from what I can tell right now. Sure, it may have had a longer run but there isn't that sense of duty that Band of Brothers has with it. I still want more things to do... and I have more music than anyone possibly needs. But now I'm going back to watch more, and maybe do a twosie. :P

Kindom Hearts for the DS?!?!

YESSSS!!!!!! I loved the original KH's series on the PS2, and I still remember the 2 weeks that I didn't turn off my PS2 because it wouldn't save my KH2 file without overwrting my GT4 file. I wish I had never sold those games, but here I am... poor, waiting on my new headphones and tired as hell. Without a halfway decent game to consume me, unless you count Pokemon which I haven't had the heart to pick back up again. Super Mario World turned out to be a huge fail for me, and my PC controller sucks too much to try Mega Man X. Anyways, KH FOR THE DS!!!!! I need sleep, and that's what I'm going to do right now for the sanity of this blog and for my sanity too.

July 23, 2008

Mmm Perogies

Mhmmm mhhmmmm mmmhmmmhmmmmhmmmhmmmmm mmmmhmmmhmhmhmmmmm mhmhm! mhmhmmmmmhm mmhmm hmmmhmm mmmmm...

It's Official...

My neighbor is cutting his grass with an electric lawn mower with another giant rain storm heading this way. His protection: a bicycle helmet from the 90's. I'm also now poor again, as I have sent off my money for the new headphones! Yea, and I'm going ghetto with the headband pad until i can afford another one. My solution: foam and electrical tape. So now I sit here waiting for it to rain extremely hard so that I can go and play some SNES games. Maybe a few NES games too... there might be a few videos following my adventures into that of what I have never played before.

July 22, 2008

Random Youtube Video

Please work please work please work...

New Template, Less Annoying for me

If you looked at the time stamps and title on the old template, it was all lower case. IT DROVE ME INSANE. So I decided to try and fix it, but the best solution was going to a completely new template that isn't as annoying on my end. And I've figured out that I can't fly my new Havoc Heli at all anymore, I used to be good at flying them though... need more practice!

I broke down after getting paid

And I bought myself a Havoc Heli for $25! Odles of fun will come from this, and many many videos if it doesn't die in 20 minutes. I shall have more on it later, and I got it in the electric blue sweet colour, something similar to the colour of my walls.

New keyboard is great!

Well, I switched back from that Microsoft uneven piece of shit to the normally laid out Logitech keyboard, that feels great. I'm still waiting to get paid, and I'm becoming bored as hell waiting for The Wire to.... finish. But this is my life during the off season, so I wait and wait and wait and wait and get yelled at by friends because I thought they had other plans but really I have no clue what happened.

July 20, 2008

This day was bad...

It went from here

To my beautiful desk for a few minutes

To the front porch where I was going to look at the weather, before getting ready for a bike trip...


I should really do this...

I should start taking pictures of my riding journeys to the center of the Earth on the most boring of days... but there really isn't anything around this flat barren land that is really interesting. Unless you count the dead squirrels in front of my house. Or the little cat that got hit on Thickson. But I digress... I have no clue what digress means... So this is what you get when I post late, no early in the morning. Confusion, dissolution and Bad Boys on one of the movie channels. Oooo laser pointers on guns....

July 19, 2008

Something doesn't taste right with my coffee...

I don't know if it's the extra milk or the lack of sugar, but either way I'm angry now that I can't enjoy my half cup of coffee in peace with people arguing over nothing on the Internet. At least my TV works.

July 18, 2008

Wow, What a day... Now time for a rant!

I haven't had a good rant in a long time, most of the time my rants will evolve from some higher thought about something or other. This one came from all the different places in the world I have to call or contact to get a simple answer. Such as Bell Canada, who decided that only later at night they should open the Canadian call centres. So when I called earlier to sort something out, I got someone from India that can't speak a lot of English and has the crappiest phone and phone connection ever!! At least my second time, after the other person fucked it all up, fixed it for me. I believe that he was from Quebec, so probably the Laval call centre.
But there is a good side to this rant, as I also had some good experiences from people that can actually speak English as their second or third language in their own countries. As you know I'm looking for a cheap pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770's, which I found. Trouble is they don't have the nice leather headband pad, so I have to get one from the local supplier. Beyerdynamic doesn't list them on their site, so I emailed them and found out I have to call Edmonton... I sat there for a minute thinking "WTF?!! Edmonton?!?! How the hell are they going to help me?!!?". Well, I have to call another person that is in Toronto that does private sales.... so that'll happen tommorow.
Oh, you know those damn automated call helper people that companies use to reduce costs? THEY SUCK. Real people are always better to deal with, even if they are annoying, self centered jackasses in real life they have a job to do and they do it better then the "Helpers". Next time I get one of those from a place that I didn't think would have it I'm going to punch a hole in a wall, kick a baby or pet my dog and have a giant maniacal laughing feast while she looks at me with those pretty eyes and thinks that I'm fucked in the head.

Now I'm feeling a bit better! Have a good... whatever...

July 17, 2008

Times are about to be changin round these parts...

As I need a new pair of headphones to deal with the incredibly hot summer fan noises that I never care to mention because it would become the whole centre of most of my posts. But without the fan running, I am destined to sweat and have a +40 C room at 5 in the afternoon. So my compromise is a pair of DT 770's, hopefully I can order them sometime next week and have them for next Friday. Or else I'm going to go on a major rage attack, specifically aimed at the fan that saves me but still makes me want to spoon my ears out.
I feel like watching a movie now, but I don't know what movie. Most likely if I get bored I'll start nitpicking movies just for the hell of it... I got too much time on my hands and not enough crap shoveled on my plate right now to make me motivated to do this though, so it might be a pipedream until someone hits me hard enough to knock some sense into me.

I just gagged...

From the thought of KFC's chicken. That stuff looks awful, most of it tastes awful and people still pay to buy it! Who in their right mind would do that when you can go to A&P or Sobeys and get a whole cooked chicken for $12? Or an Xtra Large pizza for $21.50 from Free Topping Pizza? Am I going insane or is it the world around me thats getting all screwed up in my sleep deprived, caffeine fulled existance on this little blue and green spec?!!

Like people that drive under a kilometre, to get a coffee or to get something to eat. I'd see a purpose if you were hauling a shitload of stuff, but also this is one of the downfalls of living in a country with freedoms and rights. But if I didn't have my freedoms and rights I wouldn't be here bitching about people, so what do I know. All I know is that I'm gonna go dump a few litres of gas on a candle fire and see what happens, and thank the world I live in a free country... by the name of Canada. Wee, that felt nice getting all of that off my chest!

Top Gear 11x04: My Thoughts

There is no other real way to put it, I loved it. But I love all of the insane races that Top Gear does, even though some people think they're staged so that the car wins. The Alfa 8c... oh my god that thing is like pornography that's street legal! Too bad it drives like crap, or it would be a solid gold winner for my dream car... which is reserved for an Audi R8 with the V12 TDi. Anyways, I never watch the Reasonably Priced Car bits because I just don't know who they are most of the time due to the fact that I live an ocean away from them, in a land of straight, flat roads that you can weld your steering column up and you wouldn't hit anything... maybe a moose or a bear. Is there anything else I can say about this episode? No. In my strong opinion, it is one of the best Top Gear races, and a high ranked Top Gear episode in my books.

July 16, 2008

Back from the doctors

Aaaannnnnnd good news! I got drugs for my eczema! Weeee, steroid cream! And for the people on Skype, my keyboard is loud because of where my mic is. Here's a pic of it's location at them moment:


E3 Current Thoughts, and some other Random crap

As many people know, E3 is in full swing at the moment in the US. I, the fryer of Kentucky's chickens, cannot afford to even look at a plane ticket and an E3 pass pricing. So all I can do is sit here and make comments about what I see on many sites.

The Microsoft keynote was almost a huge bore for me, except for the little gem they threw into it for fun. The new Banjo Kazooie game, and the original Banjo Kazooie game for XBLA. I love these childish platformers, and I have memories of the adventures of Banjo and Kazooie. Now if Micrsoft would get around to putting Goldeneye on XBLA with multiplayer I would be happy.

Now for all of the opinion on the crap I read, I hate the Avatars and the new interface. Hell, I hate the old interfece to an extent. It looks too.... future like. Plus the avatars look like a complete ripoff of the Mii's, sort of like the Wii came out and MS thought "lets copypasta that and make money off it". Guitar Hero.... meh. Rock Band 2.... meh. IPTV system.... well I can't even use that so I'll bitch about it. What about the people that have a country above you?!?!?! We have our own stations like CBC and CTV. I'd kill for CBC on the new Xbox Live TV system, having the ability to have older hockey games and such to be in a pre-listed queue. And anything else that I missed I don't really care about at all.

Then there's the Sony keynote... I wasn't interested so I haven't looked at any of it until.... now. They did something amazing!!! God of War 3!
I have to admit I loved the first 2 GoW's, and this looks like it'll be a great game. I might have to actually buy a PS3 to play this lol. I don't really care about the $400 US PS3, and the PSP. So that's it for Sony.

Nintendo, from what I'm seeing, is getting a big MEH from my corner. I'm sorry, there really isn't any Nintendo games that hold me beside Pokemon. And I already have that for the DS. Plus the console Pokemons have always sucked, so I don't even bother anymore.

So really someone will notice that I have more about the 360 than anything else, but that's because I stumbled upon the live coverage by G4 one day when there wasn't anything on TV. I own a 360 and I hate the damn thing for it's shitty graphics, slow interface and mostly horrible controls in games that I love. I'm a true born PC gamer, and I just can't play consoles for long before having console sickness. Unless its a true, really fun game like God of War, Forza 2, Crackdown, some of the Final Fantasy's, Kingdom Hearts series, and more I can't remember. These are elite games in my mind, having the abilty to have such a compelling story, yet just the perfect amount of gameplay perfection and cutscene madness included.

But for now, I have to deal with the maggot mess that is the stupid green bag inititive(I think I spelled that wrong lol) and find something to eat because I'M OUT OF JAM! All the other jam went moldy, so I think it's black coffee and cereal and milk. Could be something else. And I have to goto the doctors sometime today to get my eczema(i don't think thats right either) looked at and maybe get something for it. Either way, I'm done for now.

July 15, 2008

Fallout 3 Gameplay: From E3

I'm excited.

Mmmm... I have no jam for toast though....

I guess this will just have to make do... a few double doubles should keep me moving until about 1ish tommorow morning.



Ugh, 4 hours of sleep after a shift doesn't bode well for the rest of the day... I have a feeling that I'll come out of it in a giant wreck heap.

July 14, 2008

The Story and Build of... THE RATAPAULT

This is somewhat a guide of making the Ratapault, and a little backstory behind it. This might be a little long, so I'll destroy it later to make it less chaotic and a little more readable.

The Ratapault came from a science project to make something that could fling a marshmallow the furthest distance. A lot of ideas that we came up with involved rockets, fire and a very large sling shot. Then we saw a mouse trap and thought it would be fun to try it. It worked, very well, but it only went 5 metres or so. So it was either duct taping 2 mouse traps together or trying out a rat trap.
So we tried the rat trap on its own, but it wouldn't go anywheres because the rat trap has so much torque and so little weight it would flip itself in mid swing. The giant step assembly was the way to counteract the flipping, and from there we got a good 17 metres. But, it sat and the springs/ whole rat trap started to decay. I didn't see this when I went to launch it for the last time today, so the result of the video at the end was quite a shock to me.

Building or making or whatever you wanna call it:
You get a beer cap, undented and in half decent condition, and some duct tape. My duct tape is a nice shade of yellow so that if the beer cap flys off I can find it (and yes the beer cap can fly off if there isn't enough tape on it). Step 1

Next is just showing the Ratatpault in all of it's final glory, with the backwards pikes and the massive wood step design. Step 2

The beer cap MUST be taped on securely or it WILL fly off. I've been hit a few times, and they all hurt. Make sure the tape overlaps the inside of the beer cap, it makes for better setup angles and such.Step 3

This is the whole thing pulled back, ready for a dry fire. Rat traps can break multiple fingers and thumbs with ease, so use caution or it might fire. Also this is a good time to make sure that you did a good taping job. Step 4

Loaded, ready to fire the bright spraypainted marshmallow into oblivion. Use something long and make sure no pets or people are in the way of the ammo, I've been told it hurts. Step 5

And now, the firing and death of the original Ratapault.

And the loud tang right before the 2nd text screen? That was one of the staples that held the springs down. I thought it hit me somewheres, which would be funny but very difficult to explain at the hospital.

Well that's all I've got for now, I think it's time for some TV, a shower and a drink.

Well now it's been a while

I even forgot that I had this thing setup! So heres a little filler of whats happened in the past few months: School, School, School, driving, boring shit, job at KFC, rediscovering the wonders of the Internet, rain, POKEMANS!!!, outdoors, blood, coffee, red ants, oil candle fires, CD Frisbees, Mexico, and finally this crappy keyboard. So I might have quite a few spelling errors because of how much I hate this keyboard.

So thats all that has happened in the past months that I have ignored this blog, and now I'm back! Later I think I might post something about the new Top Gear episode and season... if I remember...