September 3, 2008

Yes I have OCD

As it's part of my compulsion to come here and post most of the time. I don't post all that happens because of the fact that I just don't plain remember full stories of things that I'll do. It will start out fine, then turn scabby until I just get bored and start thinking about other things... like pie! My headphone driver (sigh) still hasn't come in, and this business is really starting to piss me off. No messages or anything from the ordering place. Then I have this bill from DHL about customs fee's or something wanting me to pay cash to them. I read this and went WTF?. Then I decided to ignore it until I had the mental capacity of a 10 year old to re-read it. I guess I'll have to call them and bitch, if I bitch hard enough I might be able to get the fee waived or something.

But now I sit in my room, buzzing, hot and sweaty thinking of things to do because I posted here and now have nothing to do. I might have to go to the asshole of the Internet... which I'm fine with for the most part. Except the CP. And the illegal shit. And DDOS's (karma is a bitch, don't fuck with it).

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