July 17, 2008

Times are about to be changin round these parts...

As I need a new pair of headphones to deal with the incredibly hot summer fan noises that I never care to mention because it would become the whole centre of most of my posts. But without the fan running, I am destined to sweat and have a +40 C room at 5 in the afternoon. So my compromise is a pair of DT 770's, hopefully I can order them sometime next week and have them for next Friday. Or else I'm going to go on a major rage attack, specifically aimed at the fan that saves me but still makes me want to spoon my ears out.
I feel like watching a movie now, but I don't know what movie. Most likely if I get bored I'll start nitpicking movies just for the hell of it... I got too much time on my hands and not enough crap shoveled on my plate right now to make me motivated to do this though, so it might be a pipedream until someone hits me hard enough to knock some sense into me.

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