July 17, 2008

Top Gear 11x04: My Thoughts

There is no other real way to put it, I loved it. But I love all of the insane races that Top Gear does, even though some people think they're staged so that the car wins. The Alfa 8c... oh my god that thing is like pornography that's street legal! Too bad it drives like crap, or it would be a solid gold winner for my dream car... which is reserved for an Audi R8 with the V12 TDi. Anyways, I never watch the Reasonably Priced Car bits because I just don't know who they are most of the time due to the fact that I live an ocean away from them, in a land of straight, flat roads that you can weld your steering column up and you wouldn't hit anything... maybe a moose or a bear. Is there anything else I can say about this episode? No. In my strong opinion, it is one of the best Top Gear races, and a high ranked Top Gear episode in my books.

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