July 16, 2008

E3 Current Thoughts, and some other Random crap

As many people know, E3 is in full swing at the moment in the US. I, the fryer of Kentucky's chickens, cannot afford to even look at a plane ticket and an E3 pass pricing. So all I can do is sit here and make comments about what I see on many sites.

The Microsoft keynote was almost a huge bore for me, except for the little gem they threw into it for fun. The new Banjo Kazooie game, and the original Banjo Kazooie game for XBLA. I love these childish platformers, and I have memories of the adventures of Banjo and Kazooie. Now if Micrsoft would get around to putting Goldeneye on XBLA with multiplayer I would be happy.

Now for all of the opinion on the crap I read, I hate the Avatars and the new interface. Hell, I hate the old interfece to an extent. It looks too.... future like. Plus the avatars look like a complete ripoff of the Mii's, sort of like the Wii came out and MS thought "lets copypasta that and make money off it". Guitar Hero.... meh. Rock Band 2.... meh. IPTV system.... well I can't even use that so I'll bitch about it. What about the people that have a country above you?!?!?! We have our own stations like CBC and CTV. I'd kill for CBC on the new Xbox Live TV system, having the ability to have older hockey games and such to be in a pre-listed queue. And anything else that I missed I don't really care about at all.

Then there's the Sony keynote... I wasn't interested so I haven't looked at any of it until.... now. They did something amazing!!! God of War 3!
I have to admit I loved the first 2 GoW's, and this looks like it'll be a great game. I might have to actually buy a PS3 to play this lol. I don't really care about the $400 US PS3, and the PSP. So that's it for Sony.

Nintendo, from what I'm seeing, is getting a big MEH from my corner. I'm sorry, there really isn't any Nintendo games that hold me beside Pokemon. And I already have that for the DS. Plus the console Pokemons have always sucked, so I don't even bother anymore.

So really someone will notice that I have more about the 360 than anything else, but that's because I stumbled upon the live coverage by G4 one day when there wasn't anything on TV. I own a 360 and I hate the damn thing for it's shitty graphics, slow interface and mostly horrible controls in games that I love. I'm a true born PC gamer, and I just can't play consoles for long before having console sickness. Unless its a true, really fun game like God of War, Forza 2, Crackdown, some of the Final Fantasy's, Kingdom Hearts series, and more I can't remember. These are elite games in my mind, having the abilty to have such a compelling story, yet just the perfect amount of gameplay perfection and cutscene madness included.

But for now, I have to deal with the maggot mess that is the stupid green bag inititive(I think I spelled that wrong lol) and find something to eat because I'M OUT OF JAM! All the other jam went moldy, so I think it's black coffee and cereal and milk. Could be something else. And I have to goto the doctors sometime today to get my eczema(i don't think thats right either) looked at and maybe get something for it. Either way, I'm done for now.

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Brennan said...

i couldn't agree more.

Me, a HUGE nintendo Fanboy, is a bit disapointed.