July 14, 2008

Well now it's been a while

I even forgot that I had this thing setup! So heres a little filler of whats happened in the past few months: School, School, School, driving, boring shit, job at KFC, rediscovering the wonders of the Internet, rain, POKEMANS!!!, outdoors, blood, coffee, red ants, oil candle fires, CD Frisbees, Mexico, and finally this crappy keyboard. So I might have quite a few spelling errors because of how much I hate this keyboard.

So thats all that has happened in the past months that I have ignored this blog, and now I'm back! Later I think I might post something about the new Top Gear episode and season... if I remember...

1 comment:

Brennan said...

Sounds like fun.

One day, you and i should make a potato launcher, that shoots exploding taters.