August 22, 2008


I've been picking these little flecks of stuff off the bottom of my mouse for about a month, and during that time my mouse pad has started to become stickier and stickier to the point where the mouse will stick to the pad overnight. The little flecks are pieces of the mouse pad surface, and the mouse is sticking to the rubber under the top surface. This angers me, almost as much as my 360. My 360 is sick, as it doesn't like playing games. GTA 4 locks up all the time, Forza 2 is a crazy FPS drop feast and Rez has some sound issues. I'm just waiting for it to drop like a fly so I can try to get a new one from Microsoft... but hell that won't happen for a while. I got about a week and a bit of freedom left and then I'm back into full time school, part time work, which is ass. But the money is good from work, and I'll have money in my bank account if I want to go out for lunch or some shit like that. But for now, I wait and act like I'm not too bored.

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