August 29, 2008


I now have a piece of a gum box stuck to my thumb with superglue. It sucks, but it also opens up opportunities to have some guessing games of what's stuck to my thumb. That forest was quite nice, kinda buggy and lots of trees. Shady, and then I went fishing. Got a nice sunburn and 3 smallish basses. I also made a few nice fires that were hot enough to scare even the bravest raccoons from coming into the campsite.

One thing I noticed is the amount of out of province cars there were on the 401 while we were traveling back. Lots of Americans, and Easterners. Even a few Westerners, but they were fewer than people from New Brunswick. But I'm back here, post and hoping that Saturday's shift isn't too bad or else I'm screwed. Again. Lulz...

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