August 10, 2008

So the Olympics are on...

And I can't find a damn channel that has coverage. Nothing in advertisement or anything, and this pisses me off. I've always been a fan of the Olympics, but because it's usually hosted in some fucked up time zone I can't watch it. But it's the summer, and I stay up till the crack of dawn (literally, I saw the crack of dawn a few days ago). So I've been hunting on my TV, and no channels for it. Might also be because at 3 in the morning I have no patience for the damn menu system to refresh...

But anyways, I had a call today and it played out a little something like this:

Marc is just sitting around watching The Wire, contemplating what he is going to do on his day off.
*Ring Ring* goes the phone
Marc: Hello?
Boss: Hi Marc
Marc: Hi *Boss*
Boss: We need you to work tonite.
Marc: Alright, only if I can get Monday's shift off.
Boss: No, we need you then too.
Marc: Fuck, fine but you owe me.
Marc furiously wanders off into the abyss of his house to bitch to his parents.

At least I get paid for this, and I get paid this Friday! XD

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