August 5, 2008

Oh Customs....

My package finally found it's way... directly into customs' hands. But people have told me that Canada Customs is quicker than US Customs... but that's not saying much because the US spends like $1200 checking every single thing that comes into their country as a package so that there isn't any drugs or a bomb. Canada Customs... they look at the receipt, look at the item, check the item and then close the box, seal it, and throw it into Canada Post's hands. Hell, I might even get the same customs guy that did me when we went through to Mexico last year. But I'm being optimistic, there's lots of customs officials.

And time for a rant: all talk. Why don't people like all talk in games? It makes the games more fun, and challenging. Why? You will know where the enemies are going if they are dumb enough to scream it over the mic. You have something to do if your team is losing, or if your team is winning and your bored. You can get people from both sides trying to flush out spies or find where the last AFK is. Then there's always the naysayers, it ruins the game and makes the servers a lag feast. Sure, if you have a shitty connection and you don't like having fun.
If you don't like the all talk, mute everyone. I do this when I surf because people spam music over the mics and it sounds like ass on my headphones. It sounds even worse when I'm listening to music and I hear this crap in the backgroud. In my opinion, if you want to listen to music use Foobar or Winamp to play it and don't share it with everyone. We don't all like your Emo hip crap that has no good musical qualities to it.

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