August 3, 2008

I love and hate being spontaneous

Out of nowhere today I decided that I needed a backlite keyboard. So guess what I'm typing from now? A new Saitek Eclipse that has a blue backlite. Yea, it works and isn't all that bad of a keyboard. Headphone update: WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!!? Still off in magical postal land of boxes and boxes of stuff worth tons of money. Canada Post can't even tell me what happened to them, they have the same info that I get from the tracking site. So I now sit here with a nice new gaming like keyboard but no nice new gaming like headphones that will explode my mind. Not to knock my current Sennheiser's though, I do like them. It's just I need something that has a little isolation and some more bass. And now I'm off to bed, I didn't know what to do with myself until now. That's not a joke.

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