August 6, 2008


Headphones have been released from customs, I should be getting them tomorrow. I can't even express how happy I am right now, even if the headphones are missing the headband pad. I'll just ghetto mod something onto it if it isn't comfy, and if it is I don't even give a shit then. But from now on I have to turn off my impulsive buying methods and start saving for a big purchase... a car. And those details shall be worked out in the future, along with what I want for a car, and which insurance company I'm going to decide to be raped by.

Also I'm in training for the last week of August, when I go camping for a few days. I need some more bike riding, and some more weight training. Weight training is covered in work, and bike riding is something I can cover. Hell, today I believe that I did 15 kilometres through Oshawa, which was a huge clusterfuck and I will never do that again. Well... maybe because Ajax is too far and there really isn't enough roads and locations in Whitby to ride around to. But for now, I get to bask in the blue LED light's coming from my keyboard and mouse, along with the monitor's glow. Such is my happy life right now.

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