August 3, 2008


Got a new griller today, a nice Broil King charcoal griller. It's an outside floor model, so it isn't anything of a great looker. But oh my god, I want to grill so much stuff on it. The old BBQ we have is so old that the instructions to get the damn thing going are worn off. So every single time I want something to eat, I can't use the BBQ because I don't know how to turn it on. Charcoal though... put charcoal in rack, spray with fluid and light. Leave for a few minutes to heat up and damn, you got a good cooking heat. No worries about grease, that's all burnt off. The grills? They get cleaned from the heat. This thing will kick the crap out of most propane or natural gas BBQ's just because of the simplicity. And the tasteyness.

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